Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can use the password reset page.

Can I cancel my request and get a refund?

All contracts agreed upon by a Receiver and Provider Employers are final. You may cancel them at any time if the other party and the governing body, H2, is given notice at least two business days. If the agreed contract is five or more days of work for the employee, there is a fee of one and a half (1.5) business days.

The employee didn't show up, what am I supposed to do?

If an employee did not show up within ten minutes of the start time, you need to file an incident report which will inform both the Provider Employer and the Governing Body.

The employee was not able to do the work needed. Am I able to get a refund?

If the employee is not able to perform the work as specified, please fill out an incident report. If it is on the first day of work, you can cancel the rest of the contract with no penalty.

It may also be worth reaching out to the Provider Employer to see if there is someone they have that may fit better.

How do I list an employee on H2 WorkForce?

Click on either Employees or My Employees in the navigation bar at the top of your browser window. Once there, click on the Add Employee button in the top right corner.

Alternatively, click the Add Employee link here.

Why can't I log in?

If you cannot log in, there may be a technical issue or your account may have been banned. You can contact support at

How do I edit my employees' information?

Start by clicking on the My Employees button at the top right corner of the screen. Once there, find the employee you would like to edit and click on their name. From there, click on Edit Employee; you may then make changes to the employee's profile on the edit screen.

What is the hirable button for?

This is a button to change whether or not Receiver Employers are able to see this employee. When it is marked as no, the employee is not visible on the market.

Why can’t I find the right category for my business or employee?

You are only able to provide a worker under a particular category or sub-category that has been created by H2 WorkForce. If you can’t find the right category for your items, don’t worry! Send us an email at and we will take a look.

Are there any subscription fees or listing fees on H2 WorkForce?

There are no listing fees or subscription fees charged.

Companies may list an unlimited number of employees at no charge.

How do I receive my payment?

All payment and billing will be done by invoice directly between the receiver company and the provider company.

How do I price my employees?

The rates listed on H2 WorkForce are daily rates. You can determine your own daily rate in any way you wish, however we suggest:

Do I Pay for Miles An Employee Drives to My Work Site?

The H2 WorkForce Driving Policy is as follows:

The providing company will bill you at the IRS business mileage rate for the year in which the work occurs if the mileage driven by a worker from their normal work location to the work location of the work share exceeds 30 miles.
This policy applies unless the providing company and receiving company work out an alternative agreement in writing.