Your WorkForce Issues: Solved

H2 WorkForce is a marketplace that matches employers who are looking for talent due to staffing shortages or business growth with employers who have available talent.

How Does It Work?

Inez might have to lay off Joe.
Inez doesn't have enough work for Joe, but she doesn't want to lose such a valuable employee. If she can cover his overhead for the next 12 weeks while she waits for supplies to come in, she won't have to.

Scott needs workers.
Scott has machines sitting idle because he has plenty of supplies but no one to use them. Scott visits the H2 WorkForce Marketplace and searches for someone with the skills he needs.

Inez lists Joe on the H2 WorkForce Marketplace.
Inez enters Joe's skills into the H2 WorkForce Marketplace, making sure to be as accurate as possible when she rates him.

Inez has what Scott needs.
Joe's skills match with Scott's needs, so Inez shares Joe with Scott. Joe spends the next 12 weeks keeping Scott's line running. Inez bills Scott monthly for Joe's time.

Joe goes back to work for Inez.
After Inez’s supplies arrive, Joe can go back to his old job and continue working. Everyone benefits.

Sound Interesting?

The first step is to sign up for H2 WorkForce.